The Last 100

February 10, 2018By Meg ReillyAdventures, News No Comments

Destroyed spinnakers. Mast track failure. Wind holes. Casualties. These are the kind of things we can expect in the last 100 NM of any offshore passage, and the longer seem to provide more severe sentences. Sure shit happens at anytime offshore, but there is just something about the last 100. It always takes longer than … Read More

One Year with Her

November 16, 2017By Meg ReillyAdventures, Boat, News 1 Comment

Just one year ago we packed up our lives and headed to Greece to take possession of our new boat, Hermes. Our lives were filled with hope and excitement as we were just beginning a new journey for Ocean Racers. One of my earliest memories onboard was unfortunately the US election. As I prepared to … Read More

Grit: How to Win

May 11, 2017By Meg ReillyAdventures, News No Comments

Quite often we equate success and happiness with the ability to achieve preset, tangible goals. But what happens if we don’t reach those goals? What happens when we fail? In a pessimistic approach, one could say Ocean Racers has a history of failures. We had to abandon two IMOCA races due to gear failures, we … Read More

Adjusting the Sails

December 27, 2016By Meg ReillyAdventures, Boat, News No Comments

As sailors, we know you cannot change the conditions; you have to adjust to them. It may be as simple as adjusting the sails, but sometimes you have to alter your course completely. And alter our course is what we had to do. We started on our new adventure with a new boat, Hermes, and … Read More

Adventure: Crossing the Mediterranean

December 13, 2016By Meg ReillyAdventures, News 1 Comment

Get onboard for all the action of our Mediterranean crossing! From lightening storms to dead calms, breakages, repairs and surfing 20 knots… it was an adventure filled with ups and downs! We picked up our Pogo 12.50, Hermes, in Greece just outside of Athens and headed north to transit the Corinth Canal and cut out … Read More