Typical racing boats are focused on performance, meaning losing heavy things like big cabins, furniture and sometimes even a toilet! That is the case with our open 60 racing boat, O Canada, but far from our accommodations on our Pogo 12.50, Hermes.

Our Pogo 12.50 is a racing cruiser, so on the outside she has fast features, but on the inside she has all the cruising comforts you desire. A full galley to cook amazing meals, a spacious cockpit, a large saloon with ample natural light to relax and three double cabins. And of course, a full head (nautical term for bathroom) with a shower!

You can choose to book a full cabin, where you will either get our V-Berth or Port-Aft cabins — available first come, first serve. Both guest cabins have a door for privacy as well as plenty of storage space, but do still pack lightly! (See below for What to Bring)

If you choose to book the full boat, you have both guest cabins as well as the saloon that sleeps two. Our crew cabin is available to accommodate three couples seeking privacy, upon request. Our full boat rate covers up to 6 guests, and you will see that there is still plenty of room onboard!

For our single travelers, you will be reserving a berth spot, which can mean different things depending on the trip. If we have both cabins fully booked on a cruise, our single travelers will be sleeping in the saloon bunks. Otherwise, you will have one bed in a cabin and might have to share the cabin with another guest. Don't worry, you’ll still have your own bed and with the watch system you will likely have a double bed to yourself on your off watch!

If you’re a single traveler but value your privacy, you can always book a private cabin to guarantee a room to yourself. While the cabins provide a bit of privacy and retreat, you will still be living on a boat with other people… so be mindful of co-habitating principals and values!


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