We love sharing our passion for sailing so let us know what you want to learn! Here are some more advanced topics that we are happy to cover on your journey:
-Weather routing 
-Seamanship skills
-Sail repair
You will be legitimate crew doing and getting involved in everything — so take full advantage of your time with us to learn and try new things!


A boat, especially an offshore one, is only as safe as its crew.  That is why in addition to boat features, we have training and procedures that all institute a safe environment for crossing oceans. Here’s a look at the training you can expect…

Day 1 you will step onboard and immediately get stuck in. Your first official day with us will be packed with training as our races will usually begin the next day. Expect a more relaxed training schedule for our cruising legs.

  • Boat Orientation: Where everything is, what things are called and what they do.
  • Tacking / gybing: This is how a boat navigates through the wind. We will rotate through positions doing tacking and gybing drills so that everyone understands and has an opportunity to perform all roles. Everything on a boat operates as a system, so full understanding of all moving parts in the system is paramount.
  • Driving: We will get everyone driving on the first day to see everyone’s skill levels. As the journey progresses, everyone will have the chance to drive and receive one-on-one coaching to improve skills.
  • Upwind / downwind sails : most boats have what is called a “sail wardrobe,” which are a variety of sail shapes and sizes that are optimal for different sailing conditions. You will learn about these sails, their limits and how/when to change between them without sacrificing performance.


Get Onboard

Curious about our adventures? Want to learn more about our boats and crew? Looking for some advice? If you’re an individual, family or organization looking to explore life as an ocean racer, please do not hesitate to contact us! 

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