1-Life raft under cockpit floor for immediate access in case of emergency, 2- Low center of gravity, 3- Twin rudders for stability and control, 4-Sliding watertight door, 5-Open aft section for immediate drainage.

Safety at Sea

Both our yachts are true offshore vessels. Our Pogo 12.50 Hermes was modeled after the open 60s (like our yacht O Canada) and it shares the same hull as the Pogo Class 40 racer.  All are engineered to conquer the challenging conditions of the world’s oceans while providing a fast and, above all, safe ride.

Both boats are also designed to be sailed short-handed, requiring only one or two people to actually run the boat. This allows us to safely teach new crew and have them getting more involved at their own pace and comfort level.

Our Pogo 12.50 has several safety features built in and added for your peace of mind:

- Offshore life raft (8 person), life jackets and tethers (your seatbelt on deck)

  • All the latest tech in safety beacons. Each guest will be allocated their own personal AIS attached to their lifejacket, which will assist in location in the unlikely event of a man overboard
  • Low center of gravity with a 3m keel and 4.5m beam makes the vessel very stable with lots of righting movement if it should be over-powered
  • Unsinkable. And we’re not talking Titanic unsinkable. This boat has buoyancy designs, bulkheads, as well as interior foam, which renders the boat unsinkable. 
  • Fully self-sufficient. We can literally survive on this boat for months with the latest in renewable energy (Watt & Sea hydro-generator) and our water maker (taking sea water and desalinating it to 5L of drinking water an hour).

Get Onboard

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