Medical Emergencies

Our skippers are trained in first aid with a fully-stocked offshore medical kit to handle various medical situations that may occur offshore.

If you have any other questions or concerns about life onboard, please do not hesitate to contact us!


While we have many systems in place to keep everyone safe, sometimes health issues can arise. Please be honest with us about any medical conditions we should be aware of and take all necessary precautions to prevent any health troubles.


Some get it, some don’t… EVERYONE gets over it. We know from personal experience that when you feel seasick, it feels like you’ll never get better but it will go away eventually. It might take just a few minutes or up to 24-48h depending on the person. There are a few remedies to consider, both medicinal and natural.

-Don’t go down below. Seasickness is caused by an imbalance in your senses. If you start to feel sick, resist the urge to go down stairs. Concentration your focus on the horizon and take deep breaths of fresh air. Sometimes driving can help focus your mind off the seasickness

-Take Dramamine or other motion-sickness drugs. These can have side-effects like dry-mouth and sleepiness, so best to take these before you get onboard to see the affects it has on your body.

-Use acupressure or aromatherapy tools. Sea-band is an acupressure wristband that is supposed to help with seasickness. There are also aromatherapies like Motion-Ease, which are non-medicinal options to suppress the nauseous feeling.

-Avoid spicy or gassy foods before your trip. These can add to feelings of seasickness and put you over the edge.

If you are feeling seasick, let us know and we can help. We will have a variety of remedy options onboard. We have buckets for you to use if you get sick, which are more hygienic than using the shared head (toilet). And don’t feel bad, sometimes the best cure for seasickness is just getting sick and getting over it!


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