NOTE: When offshore, we will allow occasional wine at dinner and drinks for celebratory purposes; but to maintain a safe vessel, we do not allow drinking offshore. So relax, learn, and explore what the ocean has to offer… it’ll make your first cold one ashore taste that much better— You’ve earned it!


Food is one of the most important things on a boat. A sailboat is powered by its crew, so we need to make sure they are working off some good fuel! No strangers to this massive responsibility, our co-skippers Meg and Morgen both managed what is called “victualling” for their Clipper Crew. With up to 24 mouths to feed and sometimes a month at sea, our crew surely know how to feed a boat!

Please note that food will vary depending on local provisions available and time spent at sea. Here is a sample menu:

Cereal / oatmeal / fruit (as long as it lasts) / homemade yogurt!

Sandwiches / wraps / soups

A combination of carbs (pasta, rice, potatoes), proteins (meat, chicken, fish) and vegetables (fresh and canned)
We will have a stock of local and international spices to make each dish unique and flavorful! We will use fresh meat until it runs out… and we will of course fish!

We will make bread and treats for nightwatches in addition to our stock of healthy snacks (dried fruits & nuts) and unhealthy snacks (cookies, candy, chips)


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