One Year with Her

November 16, 2017By Meg ReillyAdventures, Boat, News 1 Comment

Just one year ago we packed up our lives and headed to Greece to take possession of our new boat, Hermes. Our lives were filled with hope and excitement as we were just beginning a new journey for Ocean Racers. One of my earliest memories onboard was unfortunately the US election. As I prepared to … Read More

True Detective – Sailor’s Edition

February 10, 2017By Meg ReillyBoat, News 1 Comment

This is a true story. The events depicted took place in Gran Canaria and Antigua between 2016-2017. At the request of the survivors, numbers have been left out. Out of respect for the lost money, the rest has been told exactly as it occurred. In an ode to our most favorite crime TV shows, I … Read More

Adjusting the Sails

December 27, 2016By Meg ReillyAdventures, Boat, News No Comments

As sailors, we know you cannot change the conditions; you have to adjust to them. It may be as simple as adjusting the sails, but sometimes you have to alter your course completely. And alter our course is what we had to do. We started on our new adventure with a new boat, Hermes, and … Read More

Buying a Boat Abroad

November 21, 2016By Meg ReillyBoat, News 4 Comments

If you are ever considering buying a boat abroad, consider all other options.  We had a very specific boat (and timeframe) in mind, one that doesn’t often come on the market, especially at a young age. So, we really had no other choice. However, we still encountered quite a few issues that make us strongly … Read More