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What to Bring

We encourage that everyone pack smart and light. Our current itinerary has us enjoying beautiful tradewind sailing in the tropics, so leave your winter jackets at home!

Suggested packing list:
-light sailing/rain jacket for wind and squalls
-quick-dry shirts and shorts (no more than 2-3 of each)
-UV long sleeve shirt to protect from sun
-underwear & socks (merino wool recommended — no smell!)
-work out/comfortable clothes (to sleep and relax in)
-non-marking shoes and sandals
-shore clothing (there are some parties ashore, but mostly casual dress in the sailing community!)
-cameras, ipads, ipods, kindles & regular ole books! Don’t forget the cords!
-hat & sunglasses
-bathing suits
-water bottle with clip/carabiner (to reduce waste at sea as well as encourage sanitary hydration at all times)
-optional: sailing gloves (for grip, not warmth), pants, boots and jackets; logbook (if you have one to add to or would like to start one!)

We supply bedding, towels, basic toiletries and lifejackets — so just bring your own personal gear in a soft travel bag. Firm, boxy suitcases are discouraged as they are difficult to store onboard. Please also limit your gear to 1 or 2 bags, and leave some room for souvenirs!

We proudly wear Helly Hansen sailing gear and can provide a full recommended kit list upon request.

Get Onboard

Curious about our adventures? Want to learn more about our boats and crew? Looking for some advice? If you’re an individual, family or organization looking to explore life as an ocean racer, please do not hesitate to contact us! 

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